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       Due to the incoming world-wide persecution of any form of Christendom, persecution instigated, supplied and directed by the Vatican and the Jesuit order and their Roman Catholic Apostolic church in the formal figure of pope Francis SJ, I open again this blog, which will remain only as an historical archive. This blog represent my previous life which is definitively dead, so for some affirmations, tones and styles, it refers to a dead age of my life, before having known Jesus Christ the Lord and His sacrifice for my salvation.


Pope Francis: Christians Do Not Exist Outside The Roman Catholic Church

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Syria missile strike: What would happen next?

By Josh Levs, CNN
August 31, 2013 -- Updated 1116 GMT (1916 HKT)
 Israel is used in the clash Shia vs Sunny as milestone for divine legitimization. "I'm the greatest victim of Israel/Jews therefore I am the true Islam!". the bomb in Iraq were consequence of the coupe d'etat in Egypt against the SUNNY muslim brotherhood. If the SUNNY ppeared victim of an "Israeli/American" egyptian army, the SHIA had to appear MORE "victim of the Jews" than the SUNNY , therfore the anti-SHIA bombs in Iraq to counter the anti-SUNNY repression in Egypt.


Dwight David Yoakam (born October 23, 1956)

Yoakam's song "Readin', Rightin', Route 23" pays tribute to his childhood move from Kentucky, and is named after a local expression describing the route that rural Kentuckians took to find a job outside of the coal mines. (U.S. Route 23 runs north from Kentucky through Columbus and Toledo, Ohio and through the automotive centers of Michigan.) Rather than the standard line that their elementary schools taught "the three Rs" of "Readin', 'Ritin', and 'Rithmetic", Kentuckians used to say that the three Rs they learned were "Readin', 'Ritin, and Route 23 North".
On June 23 2012 i shot (photo) my friend with two hostess of the pub Dimnice near Markoscina. This became an historical picture of him.

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"I Don't Trust The Government!" Dwight Yoakam Explains To Piers Morgan Why People Have Gun Rights

Above video - "

"I Don't Trust The Government!" Dwight Yoakam Explains To Piers Morgan Why People Have Gun Rights

" - URL:

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a dignitose way to detroy my blogs


just to tell you about me-

Frideay evewning was at a party in abar plenty of women and girl who plesantly were interacting with other mlale preparing for the sexual enccounetres and I waS LOOKING as acroos abullett proof glass another wolrd probibited to me. NO i cannot have entercourse with women is prohibited to mefor this reason am im in cue by national helath psychiatric departmente. THen I went home and slept only on hour, then I wake up and started to walp upa and donw by my corridor for three hour as usually doing in my night obsessed by the idea: why I caNNOT have a partner, social and sexual? WHich is the force hiondering it to me
? I walked till th emoment to go job than afterjob I went to Psychiatric dept. where they told me the matter is serious and shoted some powerful mediccin e tto me wqho ar dkeepoing me calm downn. NO hopo n thies world, the one who fuck rules the one who don't fuck

Dj Food - The Riff



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My blofgs arw asurrofgateof my mental ill onwhere I tru to calm il todwn,expecially my inesxitent and painful relation with the womens' worol who recently caused me a recpveru in he psychiatricsercice, due to imossibility to hav a relation wit the other part of ujnierse, to whom i'm commdanned frfom the fbith of my life. <<I didn' sleep no morew and the3yu conrtratinee me to slee p wirth chemicals .Yçou can hav eA reltion any tiew tryihnf ro ao it fails youi aare constraoomed to see around ou nor,al sexjual relation witjh paar of pèepole menawhile a fprcekeèpè all tahat awaòy from  you you mur only see don' touchj necau ypu ,iust die opf siufferemce. it òlile apartheid or Missisipi burning. òypu are the nigger and you must not tp wjhat the opther "withes" are doong (lpove, exual ecnouters) if you try to do they assaULT Youk and destroy youe i licw betwwen demonsa ANDS WOMNW who wihtrthwie bwhAVIOUE Provokr you in orfer to instigate reaction of destrestriction. I m writing on effect of poerful medcine as i annot jhav wo,em I askede erasomg mu sexaò desore-

DJ Food - Full Bleed


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Remember, my blogs will survive my death.

".......Hallo, the blogger nwotruthresearch wrote to me to know if in Redmond Washington there's a particular intelligence center. He received multiple and at the same time visits from various IP there located (as for example they were in a single office or building). I answered that probably it could have been Douglas Willinger the one who could have caused such a visit (informing other people of a post with interesting matter - But they didn't use Google translator .  ) as I thought Washington as y our city. Then I discovered that Washington is the state, not the city: "Redmond is best known as the home of Microsoft, for which Redmond has become a metonym."........".

On Costumes, masques and portraits


Above image - the Counter Reformation wearing a masque.

The Devil Wears Merkel - by Beppe Grillo

[reported also in References]

    As regards costumes and masques, the recent article by Beppe Grillo is plenty of old echoes....:

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Pope Fawkes


Never ask himself who is behind Germany and his economy, only use the name in a negative way:

The Devil Wears Merkel [by Beppe Grillo]

diavolo_veste_merkel.jpg The last time there was a default in Italy was 3 September 1992 when the President of the Council, Amato went on TV and announced the devaluation of the lira. Devaluing the currency that you control and that is used to give a value to your public debt is equivalent to restructuring the debt in relation to foreign creditors. Italy’s devaluation was triggered by the fact that it couldn’t pay the interest on the public debt at the exchange rates fixed by the European Monetary System (EMS). Twenty one years later, Italy still has its hands tied, then it was the EMS, now it’s the Euro. Italy has to pay interest on the public debt amounting to 2,047 billion, and that amount is increasing. Just in the month of May, the debt increased by 32 billion and we’ll have to pay about 1.5 billion euro extra in interest for the year.
What’s happened in the past is useful to understand what’s going to happen in our country in the future. In the ten year period from 1982 to 1992, the debt/GDP ratio nearly doubled: it went up from 60% to 110%, and this happened because in 1981 the Treasury gained full autonomy (in what is referred to as a “divorce”) from the Bank of Italy. Since that moment, the State has not been able to count on an internal lender to borrow from and it has had to offer ever increasing interest rates to finance the debt. If in 1982 Italy paid real interest rates close to zero on its debt, in the ten year period that followed, that reached an average of 5.5% with spikes of 8%. It is thus the explosion of the interest on the accumulated debt that has taken the debt to unsustainable levels. An immense Ponzi-scheme where, in the absence of growth, the interest is paid by issuing new debt. As Alberto Bagnai says in his book "Tramonto dell’Euro“ {Sunset of the Euro}, basically, the result is a net transfer of national income from the provision of primary services to the tax payers (health, education, security) to those to whom the debt is owing, mainly Italian and foreign banks. But why is there this absurd divide? Because that’s what Europe is asking us to do , the Europe of the EMS that we joined in 1978 tying our hands and feet to a rigid and penalising exchange rate that obliged us to give up the possibility of using devaluation as a tool.


It would have been enough to insist on the equalization of the balance of trade rather than having a requirement to balance the budget, to have a completely different story that would have clipped the wings of Northern Europe’s mercantilism. Because Italian politics is bowing down to the will of Germany, what has become the priority is the protection of the debt (public or private) held abroad, and most of this debt is generated by the perverse mechanism of the Euro and the EMS. Italian politics has sold its soul to the Teutonic devil in exchange for its own survival but at the expense of the population that is suffering under the conditions of austerity and deflation that have been imposed on it.
If Italy doesn’t react, then the market will do so using its universal language: there’ll soon be a rise in the interest rates required to such a point that our debt will not be sustainable.